you are the waves
there is no spoon

Expand your Mind and Consciousness?

You Change your Destiny?

TheRAD Journey

have guided you
here to innerstand
your journey...


Welcome Home

What is
It is the self-discovery journey of YOU.

What is the purpose?
To illuminate a path other than the current A.I. & tech dependent trajectory.

What does this require of you?
Your attention and consciousness directed here, and Know your PRESENCE is celebrated.

Can you Change your Destiny?

By Expanding your mind and consciousness.

How do you Expand your Mind and Consciousness?
By going within to:
• Actively ask questions
• Contemplate with another
• Observe everything, including your self as you react via your emotions based on your perceptions
• Meditate on your findings to innerstand the greater nature of you
• Intuitively Feel thru Higher senses to integrate then become the true YOU

What will happen?
You will eventually clear out all embedded viral programming resulting in an embodiment of a higher frequency beyond the roles, stories, illusions and the matrix codes/program.

YOU then will have a choice whether to participate in the reincarnation cycle.

What are you Expanding your Mind and Consciousness to?
You will Realize that you are an eternal DIVINE SOUL BEING with limitless potential.

Why TheRADJourney?
To Remember, to become Awareness as you Dance through any reality.

We have been programmed to forget and our Higher senses have been deactivated
in order to stay in a perpetual loop of an egoic matrix existence, absent of True Source/Soul Energy.

Who are we?
Beings that have navigated this journey in other realities.

When will YOU happen?
The Choice is yours, the time is NOW.

If you’re reading this,
The Black Goo Is Not For YOU.


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